Other Kite Aerial Photographers

Included here is a list of web sites presented by other KAPers. It was the beautifully presented site of Charles Benton that piqued my interest in this hobby.

The sites of others presented me with their perspective of using kites to take aerial photos. E-mail me and I would be happy to include your site in my list.

KAPer's Korner
Charles Benton The KAPer's web site. An amazing storehouse of information. See for yourself!
Simon Harbord From Scotland, Simon has put together a great KAP site.
Windy Town Kite Aerial Photography Yasunori Ichikawa presents his site in both Japanese and English. Many pictures are taken with wide angle lenes.
Harold Prinzler A nice German KAP site which is in both English and German.
Anshori Djausal From Bandar Lampung, Indonesia, a nice site.
Vliegerluchtfotografie The trio of Henk Breedland, Anne Gispen and Roelof Groeneveld give a Dutch perspective on KAPing.
Cees Kuppens Enjoy Cees' Dutch site. It is a fun site to visit...even has music!
Japan Kite Aerial Photography Association Make sure you have plenty of time to explore all the members' galleries.
Kites! Wonderful Italian site. See the KAP history pages.
Hans Wiebosch From the Netherlands, Hans has a nice site to visit.
Great Plains Kite Aerial Photography From Kansas, United States. Presented by Emporia State University.
A KAPer's portal Presented by Peter Bults, the digital encyclopaedia of kite aerial photography.
Craig Wilson Hosted by American Kitefliers Association - Region Six. This page is dedicated to presenting the fantastic images of Craig Wilson. One of my favorites is Montrose Harbor in Chicago. Craig is also the founder of Kites on Ice held during the winter in Madison, Wisconsin.
Andrew Beattie Andrew has a tremendous eye with his KAP presentation.
KAPER An acronym for Kite Aerial Photography E-Resources, David Hunt has put together this site for KAP enthusiasts to share knowledge and experience
Randal Greenberg A local Chicago area KAPer
Pete Mikula From Ohio, Pete has recently caught the KAP itch!
Sergio Agramonte Sergio presents his KAP site from Miami, Florida.
A simple commercial rig For those wanting to try KAP on a simple scale, here is a commercial rig featuring a disposable camera.
How about you? I'd enjoy adding your KAP site. Send me an e-mail and tell me where to find you.

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