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November 23, 2001

It feels as though it has been too long since I posted new KAP pictures. As you can see from the latest picture of the new facilty my office will be moving into, we are getting close to moving! But despite some great folks in charge of coordinating the effort, it does seem to take up some time on my part too.

One of my clients is building a new facility too. He has seen some of my pictures when he invited me to his ground breaking ceremony. I offered to chronical the progress from above noting that not only is his site great for his new facility, for an industrial area it had some good opportunities for launching a kite and my rig. The first two pictures are on the Other KAP Subjects page.

I took advantage of an unusually warm and breezy Saturday to take some shots of two farms that are soon to be surrounded by residential development. Presented on my Barns and Farms page, I wonder how long these structures will be around after there are no more crops to grow. Since I began this hobby almost three years ago, I have already seen the complete or partial loss of several of my KAP subjects. I am glad that I have been able to preserve a bit of their history, as well as others that follow, with low-altitude KAP photos!

Last, but as the old cliche goes, not least, I hear word that my submission to Kiting, the Journal of the American Kitefliers Association (AKA) was going to be included in the next issue. Very cool! Thanks to Craig Wilson who heads Aerial Photography for the AKA and the rest of the folks who work to produce this great publication for kiters. I don't envy those who have to regularly prepare submissions; it is a lot of work!

September 22, 2001

Over the past month I have been adding new KAP photos to the various pages of this site. Unfortunately, I have neglected to up-date this page. More than 10 days has passed since the horrific attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. As with the rest of the civilized world, my heart goes out to those who lost their lives directly or in the rescue efforts that followed. I extend my sympathies to their families who lost loved ones and thanks to the passengers of the flight that crashed in Pennsylvania who appear to have sacrificed their lives to save the lives of many others. I now feel the desire to step away for a moment to let visitors to this site know what is new.

I have added some new aerial photos of our new facility from two KAP sessions on August 19th and August 31st. It really feels as though were getting closer! On Labor Day, I took some photos from the Prestbury Yacht Club Labor Day sailboat races on Lake Prestbury in my neighborhood. These are presented on my Other KAP Subjects page.

A whole page has been devoted to the Millennium Carillon Bell Tower in Naperville, Illinos. My first KAP shot of this wonderful 160-foot bell tower was in Fall of 2000. With the Summer of 2001 coming to a close, I decided to see if almost a year's worth of experience would get me some improved shots. I had two goals in mind: first to capture the structure from some alternative perspectives; and to do my first field run of my video feed set-up.

Finally, I came across the opportunty to purchase a 1954 kite aerial photography article by E. J. Roy that was run in the October 1954 issue of Mechanix Illustrated. I have scanned the article and made it available on my How Its Done page.

August 19, 2001

I have posted a new set of both kite aerial photographs and ground level shots of our new office facility. This set of shots shows the installation of the pre-cast concrete walls.

From a site design perspective, I have incorporated Erik Bosrup's excellent java script overLIB3.33. You will notice the use of the script through out this site where there is a link to another web page within the tables of 50x50 pixel images.

July 20, 2001

I have posted a new set of both kite aerial photographs and ground level shots of our new office facility. This set of shots shows the installation of the pre-cast concrete walls.

From a site design perspective, I have incorporated Erik Bosrup's excellent java script overLIB3.33. You will notice the use of the script through out this site where there is a link to another web page within the tables of 50x50 pixel images.

June 30, 2001

Take a look at my kite messenger page. Based heavily on a design by Anthony Thyssen as presented on his site, I was pleasantly surprised by how well it worked on its first flights earlier this week. There are a couple of small things to be tweeked but we had fun dropping our first parachutes.

June 28, 2001

Welcome to the new home of my kite aerial photography site at my very own domain and the site's new host server. While Geocities was a great improvement over America OnLine as a site host, I felt that I had out-grown the free hosting scene. The folks at Intelligent Computer Solutions (ICS) helped me get it done. ICS will also be one of the companies in our Group that will be moving to our new building this Fall. I have begun to chronical the construction of the 40,000 square-foot facility in my building pages. In addition to new entries to my Links and Who's Doing It pages, take a look at our new family hobby, Geocaching.

February 17, 2001

My wife Brenda and our young boys, George and Collin joined me in a winter road trip to Kites on Ice 2001. I was drawn to the festival to hear Craig Wilson speak about kite aerial photography and mentioned my intent to attend to Brenda and the boys. They expressed an interest in attending too! I heard Craig speak and enjoyed a wondeful weekend with my family. I have added some new sites to my Links and Who's Doing It pages too. The final change at this time was to further compress the 50x50 pixel images on the main page to increase loading speed. It should now take less than 45 seconds to load at 56K.

January 12, 2001

Happy New Year! The arrival of the third millennium has brought cold weather to Chicago so I have no new photographs to share at this time. However, I have updated my Links and Who's Doing It pages. I hope you enjoy the new additions.

October 27, 2000

"I promise not to let it get in the way of...." is a typical response from me when asked if I'm bringing my gear on a trip. Sometimes I get the response "Is there even a place to fly (where you're going)" in reply. My response is usually "I don't know, I've never been there before." while thinking, well its not as though MapQuest displays an icon representing excellent places to take pictures from a kite! I have lugged my gear to a destination and back without ever taking it out of the bag on several occasions. Brenda and I had this exchange of thoughts as we prepared for our first ever trip to Las Vegas. While limiting my flying height to that of the tallest nearby building, I was reasonably comfortable that a site-seeing helicopter wouldn't get tangled in my line. Despite the unusually cold and wet weather in the desert, I did manage to squeak out a role of film the last day we were there. Two pictures from that roll are presented on the Other KAP Subjects page.

October 1, 2000

My gear was all set and ready to go after the wind quit the night before on what was to be my first night time KAP session. I had been invited to take pictures of a youth baseball night game but the perfect 17mph winds of the afternoon died to an occasional 10mph gust as dusk arrived. Following a morning of soccer games, I took advantage of the renewed winds and took some shots from the near east side of Aurora, IL. I share with you a shot of Aurora's downtown as well as Walter Payton's Roundhouse Complex. What made this session a great success was my opportunity to recreate a shot of the Roundhouse that I had taken several months before from a plane and to compare the two. Also see the entries in Other KAP Subjects

September 28, 2000

It was one of those nearly perfect early fall days in the Chicago suburbs. I had a meeting that finished with enough daylight still remaining to take a roll of film. I had been admiring the Millennium Bell Tower in Naperville, IL for some time and I was already in town. Great conversations with folks of all ages and a nice shot of the tower and a nearby high school was the reward. See the entries in Other KAP Subjects

September 6, 2000

In the early morning of Labor Day, the heat of the summer was broken by a cool morning in the 60s with a nice 15mph wind. I captured the recently redone Depot Museum in Batavia, IL. A nice day for flying and several nice conversations with folks interested in what I was doing. See the entry in Other KAP Subjects

September 3, 2000

With my second summer of kite aerial photography (KAP) nearly behind me, I decided that the whole site was in need of a face lift. The design is all new, many new pictures are included and all pages should load much faster due to having less photos per page and using higher compression on them.

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