What is Kite Aerial Photography?

Quite simply, kite aerial photography (KAP) is a method of taking aerial photographs using a kite to lift a camera.

In practice, KAP is the art of obtaining low altitude pictures from a constantly moving platform while not looking directly at the subject. It is because of this challenge that a true appreciation of the result is obtained.

Historically, kite aerial photography began with Frenchman Arthur Batut in 1888.

En Laure aerial view © BATUT MUSEUM

This first published aerial photograph was released in March of 1889; quite amazing concidering how new photography was.

Today, there are several hundred KAPers around the world combining their attraction to photography and kites. The internet has played an important role in bringing them together to share their techniques and stories.

Fabyan Windmill Cul-de-sac from 600 feet Rig 3; camera 3 Our House in the Winter
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