Links to kite related sites and others I find useful or interesting

Here are some kite related and other sites that I'd like to share. IIf you have one that would be appropriate here, drop me an e-mail and let me know about it.

Other Kite Related Links
Into The Wind A well established mail order kite store. They seem to provide a nice personal touch even with internet sales. When I ordered my Rokkaku from them, I also ordered some 20 pound line for my boys' kites. They were concerned that I was planning on using the light line with the Rok and gave me a phone call to make sure that I really wanted the light line.
Forever Flying Windsports Manager Shawn Donahoo was very helpful and patient as I searched for a source to repair my Stratoscoop 2. Though I was unable to get the 'Scoop repaired, I was pleased with his suggestion that I try the Sutton Flow Forms.
Colors on the Wind These folks are extremely helpful. They are the ones who first pointed me to Brooks Leffler.
Cutting Edge Kite Shop A nice "mortar and click" kite shop site though I have never ordered from them.
Ultra-Lights Why not fly at night? These are a vast improvement over the chemical sticks I've taped to my line.
KiteTime The on-line magazine of the Italian based paper magazine Aquiloni.
The American Kite Association A great magazine and some nice member benefits including liability insurance.
Region 6 My region of The American Kite Association
Kites on Ice You can fly kites when its cold! This is an annual event in Madison Wisconsin.
Kite classifieds Buy and sell kites and equipment.
Kite Life Kite flyers internet portal.
Kite Passion A nice e-zine.
Kites for Kids From Australia, this wonderful site is dedicated to children and kites.
The Virtual Kite Zoo Philip Le Riche has put together a wealth of information.
Para-fauna Resources Teddy bear lifting and parachuting from kites. self-described as the laziest way to find kite sites
Anthony's Kite Workshop A great variety of kite related topics are presented in this Queensland, Australia site. Don't miss his kite messenger information.
Kitepage von Gerd und Babs A German kite portal of sorts. Lots of good information in both German and English.
Kites on Stamps Russ Mozier collects stamps featuring kites.
Chicago's very own kite festival. Information on Chicago's Kids & Kites Fests.
The Kitemonger Nice site. The Kitemonger is also moderator of the Kite-Aerial-Photography and Kitemakers Yahoo eGroup e-mail lists.

Microsoft TerraServer database A aerial photograph database of the world that reportedly contains more data than all the HTML pages on the Internet.
Mike Shellim's radio control soaring site. Primarily aimed at the radio controlled glider hobbyist, Mike's site has some great information about radio controled digital photography including an interface for digital cameras that could be used for kite aerial photography.
Remote Control Photography Database Steve maintains a great database of radio control aerial photographs and videos taken from planes, helecopters and kites.
APS Film A very extensive discusion of the Advanced Photo System Process your digital images via the internet. - Your Guide to Photography teaches you how to make better photos; it's a photography guide with photo tips on everything from improving technique to buying a camera. Here you will find equipment evaluations, book reviews, and an exploration of the concepts of both traditional and digital imaging.
The 111th Aerial Photography Squadron. Commercial aerial photographers from Northern California.

I Think Barns are Great
The Barn Journal Wonderful internet resouces.
Teeple Barn I am a supporter of this 16-sided barn project.
Save America's Treasures The Teeple Barn has been added to this program.

BMW Motorcycles
Slash 5 United For those interested in Beemers made from 1969 to 1975.
Airheads Beemer Club All air-cooled BMW motorcycles.
Chicago Region BMW Owner's Association I am a member of this group of Chicago area BMW riders.
Motorcycle Tips and Techniques Very useful site on motorcycling.
Moto-Bins Links Page Full of useful links.

Tools I Used to Create this Site
Get Adobe's PDF reader.
Jasc Software is the developer of Paint Shop Pro. I am a registered user.
This was the first shareware program I ever registered. I use it nearly every day. I've been getting the free updates for years.
I am a registered user of Hot Dog Pro, an HTML editor.
Build-A-Card Join the Affiliate program and get free e-postcard hosting.
Popups by overLIB! OverLib is the way that I was able to produce the popup information boxes you see around my site.

The following is from its creator, Erik Bosrup: Haven't seen overLIB in action? Take a look at these small examples.A plain popup,or perhaps one with a caption. You can also make them stick when you click, plus, you can place any html you wish in them. There is lots more you can do like placing them on the other side of the mouse, snapping to a grid, fixating the position, having background images and lots lots more. Just take a look at all the features.

The Weather is Important to Us!
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KITEcast Kiting Weather forcast aimed at kiters provided by intellicast.

A collection of old Windmills in the area Zaanstreek Wonderful source of links to sites about old Dutch windmills

Other Interesting Places
Tower Hobbies Huge retailer of radio control and modeling needs.
Fly Power Yes, it is what you think it is!
US Mint 50 State Quarters When will your State have a "new" quarter?
Jellophile Be the hit of the next party with Jell-O shots.
AAA Ornamentals Hostas are one of my favorite plants. Nice selection of grasses too.
Northernlight This is currently my favorite search engine.
The Sikich Group Most of the financial services you need under one roof.
GHB International Want to motorize a static display Corgi diecast trolley car model? This is the place!

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