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My Perspective of Kite Aerial Photography
A Photo Index

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WHATS NEW  cider barn Merrill Road Farm San Francisco lighthouse Our House in the Winter Rig 3; camera 3
Neighbor's house from 500' Peck Farm Splash Country water park WHAT IT IS  Hornet Rokkaku Sailboats A neighbor's house in the Winter How high is the camera?
Fermilab National Accelerator A neighbor's house Aurora Vietnam Veterans Memorial HOW ITS DONE  Another neighbor's house
My first rig Batavia Depot Museum Green's Stratoscoop2 Judd Barn
Prairie Barn My cul-de-sac
WHOS DOING IT  Fabyan Windmill Settler's Hill Cul-de-sac from 600 feet Deerpath Barn
Sutton Flowform30 Car at Fermilab
BARNS  Green's Cody Ultalight 2 Stratoscoop in flight
Panning mechanism Fox River bridge Rig 3 from the right Aurora Central High School
All packed up and ready to go Hollywood Casino HOMES  Teeple Barn Gearing close-up
West Aurora High School from plane Rig 3 from left Chicago at sunset
Golden Gate Bridge OTHER KAP SUBJECTS  Teeple Barn compression ring All spread out
Send a KAP postcard Sausage Software
My sons Jasc Software Sikich Group
  My best friend Teeple Barn ABOUT ME  Kite Ring

What it is How its done Whos doing it Barns
Homes Other KAP Subjects Links & my other interests About me