Millennium Carillon Bell Tower

I was impressed with the Millennium Carillon in Naperville, Illinois the first time I saw it in the ssummer of 2000. Rising to a height of nearly 160 feet, its 72 bronze bells cover six full octaves making it only one of four Grand Carillons in the world.

I took my first kite aerial photograph of the Millennium Carillon in the fall of 2000.

As I began to learn more about the carillon in the following months, my admiration for the musical tower continued. I decided that another trip to Rotary Hill for a KAP session was a must before the summer of 2001 came to a close. As much as I enjoyed the original photo from 2000 and wished to take a couple additional photos of the whole structure, I also had a desire to take a set of less traditional photos that captured, in more detail, portions of the structure. The following photos were the result of my efforts.

I recently acquired a wireless video camera, transmitter and receiver (model LWA13) from Wireless Video Cameras of Rancho Santa Margarita, California. As described in my introduction pages of this site, one of the challenges of KAP is taking photographs without the ability to see the subject through the camera's view finder. It is not my intent to replace the still photographs with the video feed but rather use it as a guide in aiming my rig. Having completed a basic bench test of the set-up, I was ready for my first field test.

As my experience grows with the video feed, I will expand further on the mechanics and the challenges. At this time I present two short, and admittedly crudely edited, videos of my first field experience.
270-degree pan 625KB mpg file
Moving in close 510KB mpg file

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