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Follow along with us as the staff of three Sikich Group Northern Illinois locations come together under one roof in the Fall of 2001. Located near the intersection of Church Road and Interstate 88 in Aurora, Illinois, the 40,000 square-foot facility will bring together almost 150 professionals in accounting, computer software and hardware solutions, asset management, human resources and marketing.

The pictures below were taken on June 10, 2001 while flying my kite aerial photography (KAP) rig from the normally steady Flow Form 30.

Taken at 8:30am, the early morning shadows blend with the structural steel of the nearly complete framework. In this best of roll picture, I was fortunate to capture not only our building but also a portion of our next-door neighbor, Aurora Tri-State Companies, which helps to provide a sense of scale. Among other services provided by Aurora Tri-State, they install closed-circuit TV systems. In a very neighborly gesture, they have set up two video cameras that are fixed on the site so that we can watch the comings and goings through the Internet. I wonder if they captured my kite getting tangled in the tree across the street? With a bit of patience and some technique learned the hard way, the kite and rig were back in hand and I was off to get the film developed.

The following afternoon, John, my friend and partner from our computer consulting company, Intelligent Computer Solutions, invited me to take pictures of our building from a plane. Below are three photos from our flight taken from about 1200 feet with my Minolta Vectis S-1 SLR or see a twelve frame flyby (997KB) beginning with the north-west approach.

Over a month has passed since the steel frame has been erected on our new facility. Taken at about 10:00am on July 14, these kite aerial photographs show the pre-cast concrete walls being installed.

Also taken on July 14 after packing up my kite gear, these ground-level photographs show more of the newly installed walls.

Northwest winds in excess of 20mph gusting to nearly 35mph combined with a light drizzle made for a challenging KAP session. Taken on August 19th, the photo presented below shows that the heating/AC installation, roof and parking lot grading are well under way.

As a follow-up to the single standout picture from the August 19th shots, the pictures below were taken on August 31st. In the two weeks that had passed, the most notable exterior change is the concrete work. Geneva Construction Company of Aurora, Illinois completed the curbing as well as the sidewalk that wraps around the whole building. The interior is beginning to take shape with the interior spaces being defined by the steel framing supports.

It is hard to believe that we are less than a month away from moving! Seems as though the exterior is nearly complete as can be seen in this photo taken on November 4th. The parking lot asphalt and striping is complete and the landscaping has been started. Much still remains to be completed in the interior but we are firmly committed to being operational by December 3rd.

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