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I feel a bond between kite aerial photography (KAP) and farming that has helped to develop my interest in barns as a KAP subject. While I am unable to precisely explain it, it has something to do with working with nature to obtain the desired results. Despite advances in pest control, fertilizers, techiniques and equipment, the modern farmer must rely on nature to bring it all together at the end of the season. KAPers can take advantage of lighter cameras and materials, radio control and more efficient kites. The results are not possible unless the wind and sun is favorable. Even then, there is no guarantee that the efforts will be rewarded with good pictures.

There is also a relationship with barns and KAP rigs. Observed closely, there are no two barns that are exactly the same. The farmers who built them have adapted them for their specific needs. From time to time, they will modify them as the needs change. Two KAP rigs may have similar styles but each is custom built for the equipment they will carry aloft. They are tweeked and modified as equipment and needs dictate.

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